Pastor. Musician. Creative Architect. Husband to Kristin. Father to four beautiful kids.49188536_10157000200389673_2861170014159896576_o.jpg

Erik grew up in Maple Grove, MN, where his parents were volunteer worship pastors for over 15 years.

Erik is an ordained minister with over 15 years of ministry experience.  Erik graduated from North Central University with a B.A. in Pastoral Studies and his Master of Arts in Theological Studies from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary.

43636061_10156862630214673_7456779630695940096_o.jpgErik married his best friend and ministry partner Kristin in 2005.  Together they have four beautiful children.

After many years of wrestling with God’s call to plant a church, Erik and Kristin decided to face their fears and trust God and take the scary step to move from Wisconsin to Minnesota to plant Mosaic Church.

On December 20, 2014 the Lindeens moved to Maple Grove, MN. Two months later they held their first informational meeting for people interested in knowing more about this new church they were starting. Only a handful of people showed up. But Erik kept believing in God’s call, kept working hard to get the word out, and after dozens and dozens of one-on-one coffee meetings, Mosaic Church had it’s first Launch Team Meeting on May 17, 2015. Erik was amazed to see 64 adults and kids come together to worship God and to dream about what God could do through Mosaic Church! It was the beginning of God doing something really special in Maple Grove through Mosaic Church.

After lots of summer BBQs and worship nights and a few preview services, Mosaic Church had it’s Grand Opening on October 4, 2015. Erik and the Launch Team were blown away to see 280 people come out for our Grand Opening! Today, Mosaic Church averages about 165 people each Sunday with about 130 people involved in a small group, and since the church launched 33 people have gone public with their faith in Jesus through the act of baptism! It has been a wild ride and Erik is so excited to see what God does next at Mosaic Church!