Josh and BeccaI’m feeling incredibly blessed right now.  I have an amazing wife and two great kids.  Super supportive parents and a great extended family.

Lately, however, God has really blessed me.  In the last couple of weeks, I have been able to upgrade from a VOX AC-15 (electric guitar amp) to a VOC AC-30 and to upgrade my phone from an iPhone 4 to an iPhone 5.  Because of a gift card I received, and because I was able 944590_10151709364999673_1481022486_nto get a killer deal on the AC-30 and because I was able to sell my old amp and phone, it ended up not costing me any money to upgrade my amp and phone!

IMG_3088God blessed Ezra Church with new offices…and the best part is that we are getting about 3,000 square feet of office space for FREE because someone in our church is donating space to us! WOW! God is good!

After almost two years of being a one car family, we were able to get a second car.  We were blessed that someone in our small group works for Toyota and IMG_3057he was able to get us a great deal.

As church planters/missionaries, we rely heavily on God’s provision to meet all our needs, but its really nice when he also blesses us above and beyond our basic needs!

How has God blessed you lately?

One thought on “Blessed

  1. God has blessed me with amazing friends!! i broke my leg and have never had so much support in my entire life!! From work to church to neighbors and friends!! From going to olbrich gardens to being scared to get on the bus for the first month and a half to never having to because my friends have given me rides to just going to peoples house and hanging out and finally to having things to do not to be bored my friends and family are all awesome!! i love my life right now and couldnt ask for anything else!! i thank God for putting such awesome people in my life and i would do anything to repay all the joy in my life!!!

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