Why Russell Wilson is the Best of the Young QBs

I don’t normally blog about sports, but I wanted to share some thoughts about my favorite professional athlete.

Russell WilsonIts no secret that I am a big fan of Russell Wilson.  I enjoyed watching him for his one year at the University of Wisconsin and I was so happy to see him get the chance to play in the NFL.  I always thought he would be good, but I never dreamed he would prove himself to be the BEST of the young NFL quarterbacks! In addition to having great stats, he is a passionate follower of Jesus and does great work with the Seattle Children’s Hospital. He’s proven himself as a real leader and a hard worker.  Here are some of his most impressive stats:

His 24 wins are the MOST EVER in NFL history for a QB in their first two seasons!

After throwing 52 touchdown passes in his first two seasons, he is tied with the great Peyton Manning for the second most TD passes in a quarterback’s first two seasons! (Dan Marino holds the record with 68)

Here’s how he stacks up against some of the other young QBs in the NFL:


I’m excited to see what the future holds for Russell Wilson! 




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