Reflections on the Psalms: Part 1

Back in Jr. High, I have this vivid memory of feeling like an outsider and like I didn’t know my place.  Have you ever felt that way? If you’re like most people- you probably have felt that way at some point in your life. Now- Jr. High is awkward for pretty much everybody. You’re getting … Continue reading Reflections on the Psalms: Part 1

3 Ways Great Leaders Stay Sharp

I think most people want to know how to be a better leader.  I ran across some great thoughts from from David Santistevan so I thought I would share.  Although this was written to worship leaders, I think it applies to any kind of leader: How do you stay sharp as a worship leader? You … Continue reading 3 Ways Great Leaders Stay Sharp

Chosen Over Passion or Hillsong

You can tell Easter is just around the corner; everyone is releasing their new worship albums! This month both Passion and Hillsong released new albums. Instead of picking them up- I decided to get the first offering from the new partnership between Mars Hill Church and Tooth and Nail Records. The band Citizens is one … Continue reading Chosen Over Passion or Hillsong