When Life is Uncertain

Things don’t always go the way that we think they will.

Isn’t life like that though? We make plans and then life throws us a curve ball. We don’t get into the college of our dreams. That guy or girl you thought was “the one” laughs at you when you ask them out. Out of nowhere, you get handed a pink slip and you are left wondering what to do next. We wonder, where is God in all of this?

Have you ever prayed and felt you’re your prayers were going nowhere? That maybe you were just talking to yourself? Have you ever thought- what’s the point of prayer? Am I praying so somehow I can change God’s mind? Have you ever wondered if God still does miracles today?

One thing you can be sure of is that there are few things you can be sure of.

So the question is: how do we have faith when we are facing a crisis, when we are looking up at those hills of life- those mountains we have to face? What do we do when the weight is just too much and we just can’t deal with everything that is going on in our world?

Now, more then ever, as our faith begins to stutter, as our faith begins to go, where we need to go is God’s Word.  Because all of the stories in there were birthed out of times of extraordinary darkness and extraordinary uncertainty.

God’s Word is filled with stories of people facing uncertainty and discovering that not only is God not absent, but he is often diligently at work accomplishing His will in this world and in the lives of those he loves.

You might say, “well, that’s neat. That’s not going to help me get a job, or that won’t help my relationship with my kids, or that doesn’t make me healthy and whole.”

Although that doesn’t change your circumstances, we can see that…

although life may be uncertain, God is not uncertain, and He still has the whole world in his hands.

Our world may be turned upside down and our future unknown and although life may be uncertain, God is not uncertain, and He still has the whole world in his hands.

We know this firsthand.  Two months ago our world was rocked when our baby girl came out not breathing.  Those all those times, He helped us trust Him and put our faith in Him. God healed our little girl and he was faithful to be with us even in those dark days of waiting to find out about little Rebecca.

Although life may be uncertain, God is not uncertain. We can put our hope and our trust in Him.

One thought on “When Life is Uncertain

  1. Amen! There is so much for us in God’s Word. It is a living Word but only if we open it. As Christians we read a lot about the Bible, but are we actually reading the Bible? Spending time in His Word helps us know how to live our lives well and be encouraged and inspired by others who have walked this walk.

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