500 Days IN THE WORD

Steve Jobs dramatically changed my relationship with Jesus.

For years, I struggled to read my Bible.  I knew it was something I should do.  I knew that life was better when I had my “quiet time.”  I was a youth pastor and I would tell my teens that they needed to be IN THE WORD, but I was struggling.  I just couldn’t seem to find a good rhythm.  I would have good weeks and I would have bad weeks.

I finally got to the point where I thought- “well, this must just be normal for everyone.”  I didn’t really have anyone in my life who was challenging me to be consistent with my time IN THE WORD.  Now, I believe that it is every Christ Follower’s responsibility to develop their relationship with Jesus as He calls us to follow Him on this great adventure of life.  I think that because our relationship with Jesus is so personal, we tend to not talk about it with other followers of Christ.  We shy away from telling people- “hey- you need to be reading your Bible EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.”  That sounds too harsh and legalistic.

About 500 days ago, I had my last day at my previous church.  For a going away gift, they gave me a brand new iPad.  It was an awesome gift and I am so thankful for their generosity!  I brought that amazing gift home and started downloading some killer apps.  One was the Bible App.  Very quickly, I fell in love with this app and all its different Bible versions and reading plans.

Now, I HATE using a pen and paper.  I HATE writing down what I have read and my thoughts.  I’m also not a big fan of lugging around a big, heavy Bible.

But with my iPad (and iPhone), I had my Bible with me ALL THE TIME.  I had simple, clear Bible reading plans that I could follow.

And so, for the last 500 days, I have not missed one day being IN THE WORD.  I now wake up each morning, open my Bible app, click on “plans” and do my reading for the day.  No more jumping around the Bible.  No more trying to figure out what to read. I’ve read through the Bible in one year and now I’m about halfway through the Bible again.

This has changed my life.  When you get IN THE WORD, the Word will get in you.  It was start to change you and transform you.  I have never felt so connected with God.

The Christian life is not a sprint.  It is a marathon.  You need to be consistent in your time with God: reading the Bible and praying.  I know it can be challenging, but I would love to encourage you to get into a rhythm.  If you are a digital person like me, then download the Bible app (its free!) and pick a plan.  I would suggest the ESV one year through the Bible plan.

Let God change you and transform you by getting IN THE WORD everyday.

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