Prophet to the Nations

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I appointed you a prophet to the nations.

-Jeremiah 1:5 (ESV)

One morning at breakfast, while our 2 year old son Joshua happily played with his Thomas the Train toys, Kristin, pregnant with our little Becca Boo, turned to me and asked what Bible verse we should put up in the nursery.  We talked about a couple of different verses and then came across Jeremiah 1:5. We said- that’s it! Kristin wasn’t so sure about the last half of the verse but I really liked it.

You see, the first 8 weeks of Kristin’s pregnancy with Becca Boo were really tough.  Kristin had a lot of bleeding and we were convinced numerous times that we were losing our baby.  However, God formed little Becca in Kristin’s womb and held her in His strong right hand.

The rest of the pregnancy went well.  No more complications which was so good. When Kristin was pregnant with our son, we had to rush to the emergency room twice because we thought we were losing him.

Last Friday, September 21, Kristin went into the hospital and she had a great delivery.  Great that is until Becca came out not breathing, gray, and very limp.  For 8 very long minutes, I watched the nurses use a bag to force air into Becca’s lungs.  Finally, she started breathing on her own and her eyelids fluttered open for the first time.  It was about that time that I heard the doctor say those three incredibly scary words: possible brain damage.

I didn’t know what to think or do.  I told God- “I’m not strong enough to do this.”  We quickly got the word out and asked our prayer network of 180 people to start praying.  They passed the word on and soon people all around the country and in fact all around the world were praying for little baby Becca Boo.

After 72 excruciating hours, numerous tests, and an MRI, we heard the good news.  Baby Becca was going to be OK and there was no brain damage!  It was a miracle!  All along, the doctors had told us that there had been an “insult” to the brain.  The question was how bad it was going to be.  To hear that there was no damage was truly astounding.

As I’ve reflected on these past few days I’ve realized that the Bible verse that God gave us for Rebecca Elizabeth Lindeen was truly prophetic.  God has appointed little Becca Boo a prophet to the nations.  What does a prophet do?  A prophet proclaims who God is, what He is doing, and shows the world that God is in control.  Already, little Becca is proclaiming God to the nations.  We just heard yesterday that believers in Cambodia are praying for Rebecca.  So many people have already been touched by Becca’s story.

We know that God has great things planned for our little Boo and we will continue to pray that God strengthens her and forms her into the young woman of God that He has consecrated her to be.  Thank you everyone for your support and prayers!

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