Setting Goals

Last spring I was in a Men’s Growth Group that went through the 33 Series study.  It was awesome.  One of the core truths we learned was that a man needs to REJECT PASSIVITY.  So true! God has designed us to CREATE and CULTIVATE and to partner with Him to help build God’s Kingdom.

This year, what action steps are you taking?

Last year, I made some big goals and with God’s help it turned out to be a very productive year.  Here are some of the big goals I accomplished last year:

  1. My daughter was born!
  2. Finished my M.A. in Theological Studies from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary.
  3. Recorded a Christmas Album with my wife
  4. Helped Ezra Church (the church I am helping plant) grow from an average Sunday attendance of 60 people to an average of more than 150 people each Sunday.
  5. Grow as a communicator and preach 15 times (including at least once as a guest preacher at another church).
  6. Raise up 3 new worship leaders at my church

It was a very productive year but it didn’t just happen.  There was a lot of planning, writing down goals, and choosing to daily work on moving forward to accomplish the big dreams that God gave me. Productive days turn into productive weeks which turn into productive months.  I would recommend these simple tools to anyone who wants to set and accomplish goals:

  1. A task list that lets you cross things off when you finish it.  I recommend the app “Clear.”
  2. A calendar that can sync between your smart phone and your computer. Every morning I roll over, grab my phone, check the weather then check my calendar to see what appointments I have.  I do this before even getting out of bed.
  3. A simple email organization system that will let you have a ton of folders and also can sync between phone and computer. Folders are your friends!  I recommend filing as many emails as possible instead of deleting them.

You can have a productive year! Whatever dreams God has put in your heart, he has given you the drive and talent and put the people in your life that you need to accomplish what he is calling you to do.  What makes your pulse quicken and gets you excited? What are the dreams God has put in you? I’d love to hear from you and pray for you!


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