New Years Resolutions

Have you ever made a New Years resolution that didn’t turn out the way you thought it would?

Its January and that means its the time of the year for all those New Years resolutions!

A few years ago, one of my resolutions was to invest more in relationships and experiences.  I have a good friend who says that in the end, life is all about relationships and experiences.  So that year, my resolution was to act on that.  Which is what led me to the top of a mountain with two skinny pieces of wood strapped to my feel, staring down this straight drop and thinking “I’m gonna die!”

My wife’s family lives in Colorado.  When Kristin and I were dating, I flew out one Christmas to meet everyone.  We were thinking of what fun things we could do and she suggested we go skiing up in the mountains.  Now- I grew up in Minnesota.  I’ve skied before and I thought, “how different could it be?”  Lots.  Here in the midwest, we have ski hills.  In Colorado, they have these 14,000 foot tall mountains!!!

We got up to the mountains, and I was thinking- wow- those are some tall slopes!  Then we got on the ski lift and we start up the mountain. And I can’t see the top because you know, its like covered in clouds! Then the ski lift starts up. And it keeps going.  And going.  And going.  I was like- “are we ever going to reach the top?!”

After what feels like forever, we finally reach the top of the mountain.  Fortunately, I convinced Kristin to stick to the easy routes- you know, the green circles?  The ones the little Kindergartners in Colorado go down.

After successfully making it down a couple times on the easy slopes, I was ready for something more challenging.  That’s when Kristin convinced me to take to to the next level.  The Blue squares.  There was no way I was going near the Black diamonds, but I thought- yeah, maybe I can handle one of those blue squares.  Big mistake.  Once we got to the top- I thought: “this is it.  I’m gonna die!”

But you know- I had made that resolution to try new experiences and plus I wanted to look tough and manly for my girlfriend, so I took a deep breath, said a prayer, and plunged down the mountain.  I started going faster and faster and faster.  And then I lost control!  Next thing I knew I am doing cartwheels down the mountain, my skies and poles are flying in all different directions and all I think- this is it, this is the end!  When I finally come to a landing I look around and think, either heaven looks a lot like Colorado, which I could believe, or I’m not dead.  I was just relieved to be alive… until I heard my sweet girlfriend and future wife Kristin explode with laughter.

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