Go Broncos! Go Packers!

People tell me I’m a very confused football fan.

I grew up in Minnesota, so I grew up cheering for the Vikings.  After my wife and I got married, we moved to Colorado where I became a Broncos fan.  That was OK since one team played in the NFC and one team played in the AFC.  Well, after 6 years in Colorado, we moved to Wisconsin to help plant a church.  Since everyone out here LOVES their Packers, we chose to become Packers fans.  That’s right, we CHOSE to start cheering for the enemy.  It wasn’t easy, but we knew that if we wanted to be effective church planters we needed to become “all things to all people.”

So now I have THREE football teams I cheer for.  Everyone tells me I can’t root for both the Vikings and the Packers, but I still do!  Hey- its my life and my rules!

Since the Vikings are out of it, here’s hoping its a Packers/Broncos Super Bowl this year!



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