What Would Yoda Say About Discipleship?

Do or do not.  There is no try.  Or, at least, that what Yoda said. 25

Here’s the question- Are you reproducing yourself? Not- are you trying to raise up leaders? No- are you actually doing it?

Wherever you are in life- its so important to train up others to take your place.  To work yourself out of a job. 

As a worship leader, its so essential to raise up musicians and to pass on what you know.

This morning, I met with three guys who have little to no experience playing lead guitar in a worship setting.  I took valuable time out of my Saturday to invest in these guys.  Why? Because its critical to the health of our church!  I would never have enough leaders or volunteers or musicians or whatever if I just waited for them to come to me.

Here’s what it means to invest in others and to pass on what you know:

1.) It will Cost You Something

Today- I spent time investing in these guys. I also loaned out about $800 worth of guitar gear to one of the guys.  He didn’t have his own stuff so I’m letting him borrow some of mine.  That’s not easy- it costs something.

2.) You Have to Be Proactive

You can’t just wait for people to ask for you to mentor and teach them.  You need to actively seek people out and invite them out of their comfort zone.  Because that’s where we learn and grow the most.

3.)  Don’t Be Discouraged if one of Your Padawans Grow Up to Be Darth Vader

Ok- so its pretty unlikely that you’ll invest in someone who turns into an evil monster.  However, don’t be discouraged if some people don’t pan out.  Not everyone has the talent or the drive.  Some people are just plain lazy.  I’ve realized that if a person doesn’t have that “fire in their belly”- there’s really nothing you can do to inspire and motivate them.  Just remember- in baseball, you are really successful if you hit the ball 3 out of 10 times.  Its the same in life or ministry.  If just a third of the people you invest in grow and thrive, then you will be successful.

When it comes to reproducing yourself- do or do not. There is no try.

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