Its Been A Wild Ride

This past Sunday our church went multi-site and we had over 200 people connecting or reconnecting with God!

Lindeen Family- June, 2011

Less than two years ago, we felt God call our family to move from Denver, CO to Madison, WI to help change the spiritual climate of this city by planting churches.  It has been a wild ride!

We moved here September 1, 2011 and joined our friends Pastor Dave and his wife Becky and a core group of about 20 adults to help launch Ezra Church.  After we moved we heard that Madison was known as the Church Planters Graveyard.  Fun stuff. Our first Sunday we had about 50 people show up to worship with us.  We thought- “all right, here we go!”

On Oct 2, 2011 we had our Grand Opening and we had 75 adults and kids in attendance!  We were still a very small community but we were growing.  Over the winter we launched small groups and started to see our little gathering of people turn into a CHURCH.

A few months later, we broke the “100 barrier” for the first time with 142 people on Easter Sunday (April 8, 2012)!  We continued to grow over the summer and we had the crazy idea to launch a second service- even though our one service wasn’t yet at capacity.  So, on September 23, 2012, we went to two services.  That Sunday we had 165 people show up to connect or reconnect with God!

Just as we were recovering from the wild ride of going to two services, life became even more interesting.  My wife Kristin gave birth to our daughter Rebecca who then spent 10 days in the NICU. It was a scary, stressful time, but God was faithful and it was amazing to find out that hundreds of people all around the country and even in other parts of the world were praying for us!


On top of that- a church in our network/denomination approached us to see what it would look like for them to join the Ezra Church family.  Their church was located about 30 min south of where we meet and they were averaging about 40 people each Sunday.  After lots and lots of prayer, we felt God was leading us to take this crazy step of faith and as a church of 150 people go multi-site!

This past Sunday, Ezra Church launched it’s second campus in Stoughton, WI.  Almost 100 people showed up to connect or re-connect with God! Between both campuses we had over 200 people for the very first time worshiping at Ezra Church!

We’d love for you to continue to pray for God’s blessing and for direction and wisdom for us!  We’re excited to help change the spiritual landscape of the Madison area and to help more and more people find community, purpose, and a relationship with Jesus Christ!

Lindeen Family- November, 2012

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