Current Top 10 Favorite U2 Songs

Because U2 is without a doubt the GREATEST BAND OF ALL TIME, my list of favorite songs continually changes because they just have so many great songs!

So- here’s my (current) list of top 10 favorite U2 songs.  Some you would expect and some might surprise you.  (Since I can’t really place these in order of what I like best, I’ll just list them chronologically)


  1. “A Sort of Homecoming” from The Unforgettable Fire
  2. “Bad” from The Unforgettable Fire
  3. “In God’s Country” from The Joshua Tree
  4. “One Tree Hill” from The Joshua Tree
  5. “All I Want is You” from Rattle and Hum
  6. “One” from Achtung Baby
  7. “Walk On” from All That You Can’t Leave Behind
  8. “Kite” from All That You Can’t Leave Behind
  9. “Yahweh” from How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb.
  10. “City of Blinding Lights” from How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb.
  11. “Window in the Skies” from U218
  12. “Invisible”- the free single they gave away during the Super Bowl.

OK- so its actually my top 12 songs.  So sue me.  What are you favorite U2 songs?



One thought on “Current Top 10 Favorite U2 Songs

  1. Great list – hard to argue with most of those. If I had to make a current Top 10 list (mine is also always changing depending on my mood, it would be (in no particular order):
    – One
    – Zooropa
    – Stay
    – With or Without You
    – Drowning Man
    – Ultraviolet
    – No Line on the Horizon
    – If You Wear that Velvet Dress
    – Where the Streets Have No Name
    – Bad
    – North and South of the River
    – Original of the Species

    Ok, so I picked 12 as well… 🙂

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