5 Reasons I love My Church

Me adjusting my pedals LOL
Me adjusting my pedals LOL

Yesterday I was thinking about some of the reasons why I love my church (Blackhawk Church).  Here’s what I came up with:

  1. We kicked off a new book study yesterday on Proverbs. One of our worship pastors, Paul, taught the congregation a worship song he had written based on Proverbs. I love Blackhawk’s appreciation of the arts!
  2. Pastor Chris ended his sermon by having everyone repeat Proverbs 1:7 over and over and then had us all memorize it and repeat it together (he’s big on scripture memorization). Super cool to memorize scripture with a few thousand other people.
  3. Blackhawk is asking the whole church to read a chapter of Proverbs a day for July while we go through the different themes of book on Sunday mornings. Pastor Chris is also a huge fan of daily Bible reading. Its cool knowing so many of us will be studying the same book.
  4. They announced that Blackhawk is doing a blood drive on July 13 and a food drive on July 14 as well as the community garden we have that is to for our food pantry. I love how Blackhawk wants to be the tangible hands and feet of Christ to meet local needs!
  5. This weekend we celebrated Pastor Chris being at Blackhawk for 20 years! Man- that’s pretty awesome!

Just a few reasons why I love my church! What do you love about your church?

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