Fitness Friday: The Tyranny of the Scale

imagesI weigh myself everyday.  Sometimes twice a day.  Experts recommend that you don’t do that.  Whatever.  However- when you do that, what can happen is you experience what I like to call the Tyranny of the Scale. 

Most people, when they are losing weight, will lose a few pounds, then gain a pound, then plateau for a while, then lose some more pounds.  If you only look at the scale, it is very easy to get discouraged if you plateau for too long, or if you happen to gain back a pound or two.

What I constantly remind myself is that the important thing is that I am making PROGRESS.  Even if it is small progress.  The scale goes up and down.  What I like to look at is physical fitness progress.  I ask myself: was I able to lift more weight this week that last week? Was I able to do more reps? Was I able to run further or run faster?  If I can answer “yes” to those questions, then it doesn’t really matter if I gained back a pound.  Maybe I ate something really salty the day before and I’m retaining water.  Regardless- its not the important thing.  The important thing is to ask: am I sticking with my exercise and eating plan and am I making progress with my physical fitness?

1014216_10151923351324673_2139738909_nToday, for the first time ever, I was able to bench press 155 pounds (3 sets of 8 reps).  Just 12 weeks ago, I could only bench press 95 pounds.  However, I’m also one pound heavier than what I weighed last Friday.  It would be easy to get discouraged if I only focused on the scale.  Instead- I’m choosing to focus on all the progress I’ve experienced in lifting weights and how I was able to run four miles last week- the first time in my life I have ever done that!

Its the same with other things.  If we stay so focused on our day to day life, then we can easily get discouraged.  Instead, we need to look at the big picture and continue to make progress- even if its small progress!

Here’s the big idea:

Make a plan and work the plan until you hit your goal! Just don’t give up!

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